This is an exciting time for our industry, the boundaries of graphics and game play are being pushed further with the release of new consoles, the ever expanding potential of the PC and the advent of affordable VR on the horizon. There is also an unprecedented rise in Independent developers and crowd funding which is creating more and more opportunities. The industry is growing and the depth and quality we can achieve as developers is increasing. Whatever the platform, I intend to do my part to help push forward the industry while continually improving my own artistic ability.


I consider myself very dedicated to my job and take pride in doing it well. I have covered a range of jobs in my time at TT, from asset creation to Level management. I communicate well with my fellow team members as well as the other departments within the company.

Outside of work I have an avid interest in Gaming, Films and Books, mainly aiming towards the Science Fiction/fantasy genre. I have also been studying Japanese for the past few years and will be looking to take an official JLPT qualification.


Photoshop: Using a combination of Digital painting techniques, compositing baked maps and photographic reference to create textures for the tileable and unique assets used within our games.

Maya:  I have 10 years experience using Maya with my current employer. It is the core application I use for Low and High Poly modelling and is the main application we use for exporting our ingame models and animations.

3D Studio Max: I have roughly 3 Years experience throughout my masters course at Leeds Metropolitan University and during the asset creation I did for Binary People and Farnell plc (2000 - 2003).

Zbrush: Creation of High Detail assets as well as the use of poly painting to create textures which can then be baked down to low poly models for use in game.

Xnormal: This is a freeware application which has proved useful for Baking out Normal, AO, Diffuse and Cavity maps which I would then composite into usable textures using Photoshop.


MSc. Creative Technology -Grade: Pass
Leeds Metropolitan University - 2003
BSc. Multimedia Technology - Grade: 2.2
Leeds Metropolitan University - 2001
BTEC. Music Technology - Grade: Merit
Leeds College of Music - 1998
GCSE - Grade: 9 C and above
Beckfoot Grammar School - 1996

Beginners Japanese
University of Manchester LEAP- 2011
(I have Since continued my studies with a private tutor with the intention of applying for the JLPT qualification to further my studies)

Published Titles:

Transformers The Game - 2007 (ps2/Wii/PC/360/PS3)
LEGO Star Wars the Complete saga - 2007 (Wii/PC/360/PS3)
LEGO Indiana Jones - 2008 (ps2/psp/Wii/PC/360/PS3)
LEGO Batman - 2008 (ps2/psp/Wii/PC/360/PS3)
LEGO Harry Potter Year 1-4 - 2010 (Wii/PC/360/PS3)
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - 2011 (Wii/PC/360/PS3)
LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 - 2011 (Wii/PC/360/PS3)
LEGO Lord of the Rings - 2012 ( PC/360/PS3)
LEGO Batman the movie - 2013
LEGO Marvel Superheroes - 2013 (PC/360/PS3/PS4/XBOXOne)
LEGO The Hobbit - 2014 (PC/360/PS3/PS4/XBOXOne)
LEGO Batman 3 - 2014 (PC/360/PS3/PS4/XBOXOne)
LEGO Jurrasic World - 2015 (PC/360/PS3/PS4/XBOXOne)
LEGO Marvel's Avengers - 2016 (PC/360/PS3/PS4/XBOXOne)

Employment History:

Travellers Tales,  January 2012 -  Present
Senior Environment Artist
This was a promotion I received while working on the Lego Lord of the Rings, Project released in 2012. The more senior role was in recognition of technical knowledge working with our engine and the troubleshooting, testing and coaching I took on to assist my fellow artists. On the Lord of the Rings project I worked closely with the Lead artist to set up the streaming and memory testing for the Hub section of the game. I also created Background art for sections of the middle earth Hub and managed the creation of the locations throughout the section insuring they were built to the specifications set by the Lead artist.

Travellers Tales, July 2006 -  January 2012
Environment Artist
I started as  Junior Artist in 2006 assisting with "Transformers The Game". I Then joined the Lego team and worked on most titles released by the studio in the following years. The position required me to work well with the Programming, Cutscene and Design departments to produce Background art for levels and cutscene sets. I was required to work to Reference using Photographic and Concepts Provided taking Direction from The Lead artist and Head of Art.

GE Money, Dec 2003 - July 2006
Deputy Team leader -Collections Department

After finishing my work with Binary People and I took a job with "GE Money" (previously named GE Capital Bank) with the intention of working on a temporary basis I quickly proved invaluable to the collections department and was chosen to be seconded to "Igroup Mortgages" in Wolverhampton. There I worked in a task force targeting delinquency issues within the company. Later the task force was reassign to GE and given an account portfolio. With this we began targeting problem areas within GE Money from there I developed my team building skills and progress to work as a deputy team leader within the same department.

Binary People, May 2003- Dec 2003
3D Modeler/Texture artist
Binary people were a PC games developer based in London responsible for multiple web-based download and pocket money games sold through "Toys r us". When I joined the company it was to work on their largest project "The Servant". This would be a Massive Multi-player Online RPG built at first around a Blitz3D engine and later around the Torque games engine. During the development of the game I designed and built all the NPC's and the main character for the beta stage of the game. I also helped model the game world using a program called "Maplet" (a level building tool similar to UnrealED) and also a light-baking tool called Light bulb. Unfortunately funding was withdrawn and the company began producing Model packs for sale to other developers. Some of these were made from the original models from "The Servant" and later I was commissioned to design and build a model kit in 3D Studio Max with everything a programmer would need to make there own Sci-fi Shoot-em-up. After the success of this the team produced some smaller downloadable games such as Alphacropolis and "Smiley Quest for Nasbar". The Company then ceased trading at the beginning of 2004 due to funding problems

Pro Digital Imaging, April 2002 - September 2002
Image Engineering / Multimedia Programming
During the first year of my MSc at Leeds Metropolitan University I worked for Gordon Sowden making a Multimedia CD-ROM for Salford council on the history of Salford this process involved design of the main interface for the CD-ROM, Scanning slides and photos from multiple historical sources within Salford. These images then required restoration work using Photoshop to repair damage caused by decades of storage.  Once this project was complete I worked on a few more Tourist CD-ROM for various seaside towns. When no multimedia work was available the company had other work scanning and archiving Architectural plans and creating Kodak photo CD's

Farnell Plc, Summer 2001
3D modeler

Farnell Plc are an electronics company manufacturing and selling electronic components and testing apparatus. I was employed by the E-Commerce division to create 3d models of items from the catalogue using 3D Studio Max and Cult 3D (a web viewer for static and animated 3d models) the company vision was to release a fully online 3d catalogue to allow the customer to see how the product is used online before purchasing. The project involved creating accurately measured models from high-resolution images over a catalogue of over 1000 models. the project was discontinued after the first 4 months.